May 20, 2009

Fendi Ombre Logo Basket Tote

Is it just me, or does this Fendi Ombre Logo Basket Tote have “Samantha Jones” written all over it? (No wait- it’s got “Fendi” written all over it.) While I could definitely see our lusty logo-loving New Yorker falling for this flashy Fendi, I’m not sure I can. Available in blue or red, the coated vinyl tote does have a certain over-the-top kitschy appeal that might be fun for a weekend afternoon or a trip to the beach. But with the economy looking the way it is, I’d feel a tad guilty carrying something so in-your-face logo-happy. Never mind trying to find the right outfit to wear it with


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Adel said...

This bag is freaking awesome, all of the elites should have this bag,nice post!

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