September 30, 2008

Channel Timeless Clutch

If you go with one Chanel bag, go with the Timeless Clutch. We have seen it on a **riad of celebs, wearing it with lots of different looks, and it never, ever looks bad! Posh is wearing it with F/W Proenza Schouler, and it looks as classic as ever. The roo** clutch is pretty nice for those of us who need more than a lipstick at night too. I’ve been able to stash ** cell, a business card holder, a few glosses, and a pen in mine with room to spare.

Hermes Kelly Handbag

The Kelly Bag (named for the actress and princess Grace Kelly) is made by one individual craftsman in about 18 hours of work.

The skins arrive at the factory already laid out in perfect symmetry, ready for the expert to being his (or her) magic. Goat skins are used for the lining and this is the first part to be actually sewn.

After the lining is made, the base of the handbag is handsewn to the front and back with waxed linen thread. A double saddle stitch is used and each thrust of the needle is carefully done. A tiny hole is made with an awl before each stitch and the stitch size dictates the size of the hole. Adjustment is made for the particular grain of the leather to work with the natural pattern.

The handle comes next in the careful construction of the Kelly handbag and the shaping is done by hand with painstaking attention to detail. The layers of the stitched leather is smoothed with sandpaper and then dyed to match the handbag. Hot wax is applied to protect the handle from moisture.

The distinctive front flap is then added to the bag body and next is the distinctive hardware and 4 feet on the bottom. Each of these metal parts are hand riveted.

Believe it or not, the handbag is then ironed to gently smooth out the wrinkles in the calfskin. Last (but certainly not least!) is the famous gold stamp that says "Hermes Paris".

September 17, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow Pierre Hardy purse

What’s more interesting? That this photo captures Gwyneth Paltrow en route to lend support to alleged A.Rod-loving BFF Madonna, or that it shows she’s rocking a quite lovely Pierre Hardy purse? Mmm, let’s call it a tie, shall we? I personally “aime” Pierre Hardy’s handbags (and shoes, of course) thanks to their smooth, simple lines, exquisitely supple leather, and unique piping. Gwynnie’s version is soft gray with numerous tabs outlined in white leather, and I can’t think of a better chic grab-and-go bag. Pierre Hardy purse is always been a stylish and elegant everyday handbag that is always in line with fashion. Molre and more celebrity nowadays are using this faboulous handbag design by Pierre Hardy because of it unique style that never runs out of fashion.

September 16, 2008

Jennifer Garner’s Lanvin Hero

Forget Tina Turner - we do need another Hero. Well, a Lanvin Hero, at least, like the fresh white leather one maybe-pregnant Jennifer Garner is carrying here. Jennifer may tend to favor simple, casual outfits that suit her mommy lifestyle, but she never skimps on style when it comes to purses. The Hero (see brown leather version below), with its modern zipped pockets and leather band running down the center, is a perfect choice, easily ticking both the ‘chic’ and ‘grab and go’ boxes. Bonus points for going with the summer-appropriate white version.
Jennifer Garner has been known as a celebrity with style when it comes into fashion because she really knows how to choose a fashionable handbag that will suite here personality and now that she is carrying a baby she is still rocking the fashion world of designer handbag that will sure make her as fashionable and stylish as ever the a real fashion mom that knows how to carry a Lanvin Hero handbag to make it fashionably irresistible and hot looking handbag.

September 14, 2008

Madonna’s Louis Vuitton purse

Forget about those divorce rumors…take a gander at Madonna’s handbag! While I’m so not impressed by Madge’s yoga-on-the-top-couture-on-the-bottom outfit and hair, I am enchanted by her Louis Vuitton purse, which comes from the special-edition Richard Prince ‘Jokes’ collection. The funky, graffiti-essque distressed effects look hip and envelope-pushing…sound like anyone you know?

September 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Givenchy North South Military Hobo

Though she’s occasionally reprimanded for favoring head-to-toe black ensembles, Jennifer Aniston still seems to hit the right notes every single time. She has that classy-chic thing going on here, as she takes a couple of minutes away from touring with John Mayer to hit Barney’s in LA. Her Givenchy North South Military Hobo deserves more appreciation than it gets. It’s striking with its sturdy leather and logo-embossed gold buttons, great whether you’re hitting the shops or walking hand-in-hand with your rocker hubby. Givenchy is known for its perfume and luxurious product this handbag is one of the most fashionable handbag that i have seen.

September 11, 2008

Heidi Montag Fendi Spy designer purses

Uh oh. Is Speidi about to become…Spy-di? After waving her Hermes bags all over Hollywood, Heidi Montag, that “Hills” gal you love to hate, has turned her eye to the Fendi Spy (and, if my eyes aren’t failing me, it looks like she’s already got an electric-blue Chanel purse on her arm already). Seriously - does Brent Bolthouse pay this girl to play with designer purses at LA boutiques? (And is he hiring?) And does seeing Heidi carrying these covetable big-name bags lessen their appeal in your eyes?

Fendi is known for its double F Symbol commonly referred to as the "Zucca" print in its original form and "Zucchino" in its smaller style, Fendi's iconic "double F" logo pattern was first designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1960s. It has been used on a variety of Fendi products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes, and apparel. Kanye West once appeared at a party with the logo shaved into his head. Fendi's newest brand offering a wide variety of home furnishings. Furniture, sofas, armchairs, poufs, chaise-longues, consoles, day-beds: items of everyday life seen, interpreted, and lived with the typical Fendi style and culture. Above all this there is one common denominator: the home seen once more as the heart of a lifestyle, small pieces of furniture acting as a support for the most immediate and practical needs and more significant pieces to be personalised according to the taste. Great attention is paid to the past while tending towards the future, with considerable concern for evolution in modern design, which is interpreted, enjoyed and shared in the spirit of today’s culture. And so we find objects for the home distinguished first of all – as is the entire creation of Fendi - for their fine quality: great care and attention in the choice of fabrics and their combinations, and in the 'mix' of materials which creates new forms. All this together with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, the careful working and hand finishing, the personality which is an integral part of Fendi style. And last but not least, that creativity and imaginativeness which come from research and experiment, a mood which extends from fashion to design through the creation of personalised and personalising objects.

Lindsay Lohan Chanel Portobello handbag

Lindsay Lohan is usually stuck in her leggings, but apparently there’s always room to grow…into short shorts, that is. Pair that with a $3500+ Chanel handbag and you have a look that is questionable, to say the least. Lindsay has been spotted out and about with two things: Sam Ronson and her Chanel Portobello bag. Neither has left Lindsay’s side in the past two weeks. The Portobello bag is available in black/black and beige/black, and resembles two bags within one. Now while it would be grand to snag two Chanel bags for that price, don’t hold your breath. The bag is indeed, one handbag, but the illusion of two is pretty cool if we have anything to say about it. Cool enough that it warrants the massive price tag? Questionable…

September 10, 2008

Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle

Clutches are hot this fall. One trend we won’t see dying down any time soon is the celebrity collaboration with designers. This cute LC Clutch comes courtesy of Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle. Earthy Autumn Olive leather with gold link detail for some bling, the purse is priced at an affordable $145 on the label’s online shopping site. This label’s belts, accessories and handbags are a favorite among the Hollywood set, so it’s no surprise that its fans decided to get involved with the line more intensively.

Ashlee Simpson Dior Cannage Tote handbag

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz still have a little simmering to do until their baby makes his or her debut, but until then they’ve found another little bundle of joy to share some quality moments with. I’m speaking, of course, of the lovely Dior Cannage Tote Ashlee’s toting here. In case you’re unfamiliar with Dior, it’s the thing Ashlee’s wearing that DOESN’T look like it was swiped from a hippie commune (unlike that boho no-no maxi dress and shifted-down headband thing she’s been wearing lately). With its luxe black stitched leather and chunky gold chain details, the Dior handbag is sure to make one heck of a dapper diaper bag.

September 3, 2008

Nicky Hilton Balenciaga Motorcycle handbags

Who knew Balenciaga Motorcycle handbags came in Slimer green? Nicky Hilton was spied toting a tangy lime green version of the ubiquitous status bag, boldly pairing it with a summery violet tunic and denim cut-offs. I’m all for color, but the green/purple color combo gives me “The Dark Knight” flashbacks. I also have a sudden craving for Peeps. What do you think? Is lime green heinous, or is Kermit chic all the rage? But a Balenciaga motor cycle bag is a balenciaga and it is so trendy and hot and i would still carry this fashionable bag anytime anywhere and any day having its unique fashionable style everywoman would fall inlove with this wonderful bag i know i did and that is for sure no doubt about that. Many celebrities this days have been seen in public carrying this luxurious fashionable handbag and nicky hilton is one of those celebrities that loves to carry this elegant looking handbag. Balenciaga City Blue