April 30, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Louis Vuitton’s Mini Mongram Lin Speedy

Lindsay Lohan, louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton handbagPictures of new Louis Vuitton handbags have been released to the public. The Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Lin line sports a delicate masculine touch; although made of silky linen, it appears to be pretty durable, too. I haven’t had a chance to see it myself in person yet, but so I hear from some forum members who have been lucky enough to do a little pre-release touch’n feel. The official release date for the new line is September 15th. The pictured Speedy 30 in Mini Lin will go for $675, which is just a little more than the MC Speedy.

Say what you will about Lindsay’s style (did you ever imagine black leggings could be worn so many ways?) but the girl’s got a bag collection to be envious of. This particular one I’m not crazy about but it’s a Louis Vuitton, which, apparently, is cool again, according to Rolling Stone Keith Richards. It’s Vuitton’s Mini Mongram Lin Speedy in Dune, which is canvas, trimmed with leather, rendered in the most popular style: the Speedy. This very popular bag comes in Ebene as well, a darker, caramel color.

April 29, 2008

Angelina Jolie's Valentino braided leather handbag

Angelina Jolie is a perfect example of how a person can only wear black and white and still look impeccable and chic. Of course, it helps to look like Angelina Jolie, and have a designer fashion arsenal that includes this uber-sophisticated and classy Valentino braided leather handbag in white. The front pockets and braided leather details make the purse stand out, but the overall effect in understated elegance. This designer handbag is one of the classiest yet casual looking handbag that i have seen perfectly design for celebrities like Angelina Jolie.

Then I saw the light amethist and rose options on the Valentino Patent Histoire Bag and I found a reason to fall in love with this Valentino bag. These are both perfect spring and summer colors! The bag by no means looks dainty, so it is a great mix of feminine colors on bold handbag. The topstitching is done in black and there is gold tone hardware. The braided leather details and two front flap pockets are integral parts of the Histoire and make it what it is. Typically these aspects were a tad overpowering, but with the purple and rose versions it tones it all down perfectly. I fell back in love with this bag and now I am determined to find Valentino and tell him I need mini versions of these colors. Let’s see how that goes.

April 28, 2008

Louis Vuitton 2008 handbag collection.

Louis Vuitton 2008 handbag collection, Louis vuitton handbag, louis vuitton, designer handbagThink Louis Vuitton is all about richy-rich classic monograms and tobacco hues? Think again. The purses that rolled down the runway at the Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton spring show revealed a dramatically funkier, and quite refreshing, spirit. Monogram prints were deconstructed, distressed, and emblazoned with quotations; purple, pink, and green ostrich leather added a vibrant punch; a funky blue handbag paired gold coil handles with a silk pastel monogram-meets-grafiti front; and logo-embroidered bags were splashed in technicolor shades and accented with large Flintstones-like stones. There were gorgeous peach ostrich satchels; laminated prints that recalled Mexican tablecloths; embroidered cartoonish illustrations; and multicolored snakeskin handles. It was an explosion of colors, prints, and textures. In other words, it was a dismantling of the old Louis Vuitton norm. This collection make luis vuitton change its image and make them more classy and stylish looking brand when it comes to designer handbags.

April 27, 2008

Mandy Moore Bleeker Duffle Coach handbag

Coach handbag, Coach, Mandy Moore, Mandy moore handbagI have seen Mandy Moore carrying a coach and we always seen her around town with her ergos,
but here’s yet another Coach handbag from Mandy’s closet: the Bleeker Duffle.
I suspect Ms. Moore has her Coach bags customized because I don’t believe the strap on
the Bleeker Duffle is that short, and I’ve never seen this particular bag in that hide
this bag first caught my eye when i have seen its catalog in my mail box and i fell
totally in love with that bag. It was styled just so in the catalog making the models look as if it were just the most joyous bag in the world. It’s available in quite a few colors, but my favorite is one that Mandy Moore carries in this picture. I love the fact that the bag is meant to be worn messenger style. Don’t let that push this into the frumpy bag category either. When worn with a statement coat and rinsed jeans, the bag looks just as chic as a structured satchel. This bag is one of the finest and stylish designer handbag that i have ever seen Mandy Moore sure has a taste for a quality designer handbag choosing this wonderful Bleeker Duffle Coach handbag.

April 24, 2008

Cameron Diaz Marc Jacobs Venetia purse

Camerob diaz handbag, Marc jacobs handbag, Camerons Marc Jacobs handbagCamerob diaz handbag, Marc jacobs handbag, Camerons Marc Jacobs handbag After a brief dalliance with PierreHardy, it looks as though Cameron Diaz has returned to her true love: Marc Jacobs (what, you were thinking JT?). And judging by this ultra-chic and sophisticated Marc Jacobs Venetia purse, who can blame her? The gray leather bag looks fabulous with her slip dress (if a bit monochromatic), and it’s upscale without looking flashy or pretentious. I love the gold hardware on the two front pockets and the arrow-shaped buckles.

April 23, 2008

Katharine McPhee with her Louis Vuitton Manhattan

Louis Vuitton Manhattan, Louis Vuitton handbag, Katherine Mc Phee What’s going on with Katharine McPhee in this picture? Her dress is pretty and summery, her Louis Vuitton Manhattan says ‘business woman’ and her weighty black heels is a stark contrast to the earth tones of the rest of her ensemble. A wee case of identity disorder! If I were Ms. McPhee’s stylist, I’d take those heels away from her, hand her a pair of gold, strappy flat sandals to compliment the feminine dress and save that Louis Vuitton purse for another day.

April 22, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Balenciaga Mini Matelasse Purse

Balenciaga handbag, Sarah jessica parker, Designer handbag, balenciaga Here’s something to hold you “Sex and the City” fans over until the SITC movie hits the big screen: Sarah Jessica Parker rocking a very cool urban-chic look and one to-die-for Balenciaga Mini Matelasse Purse in quilted black leather. Some might see this look as a little messy, but I think our girl sarah jessica parker looks fab - the turquoise Louboutins, leopard-print scarf, Balenciaga handbag, and bold blue top present a hip hodgepodge of city style. Can’t wait to see what handbag goodies the movie has to show us!

Coach Bleecker Floral Duffel

Coach Bleecker Floral Duffel, Coach handbag, Charming leather flowers twirl their way around this easy Coach Bleecker Floral Duffel. Over a simple beige backdrop, the flowers stand out without going overboard. The classic shape is great for everyday wear, and the purse’s roomy interior makes it as practical as it is sweet. This is one of the best and stylish Designer handbag that i have ever seen with its elegant look it will sure going to make you crazy about designer handbag.
I warned everybody before that I was suddenly feeling springy and all about the florals, and today is no exception with the Coach Bleecker Leather Tooled Floral Large Duffle. It's got a classic feminine duffle shape but with an updated design of whimsical flowers that have a variety of different little designs in each petal. It's neutral, which is always great, without coming off as plain, which is also great. Big enough to carry all your day-to-day essentials, I call this bag a spring must have.

April 21, 2008

Chloe Heloise Leather Tote

Chloe Heloise Leather Tote, chloe handbag,designer handbag The Chloe Heloise Leather Tote is a large tote that can pack everything you tote for work or play, and then some. While the Heloise collection is now being produced in various leathers, the tote is available in distressed black leather, which really matches up with the braided handles. The handbag has a ’70s feel, whereas the typical Heloise styles are definitely more office-friendly. Not to worry. Thanks to the large size, the leather tote is ready for the office or travel, and the distressed leather will only get better with age. For anyone with a Chloe Paddington in distressed leather, you know that the material ages like a dream, making you wish every bag could take such a beating.

April 16, 2008

Celebrity loves designer handbag

When ever there is an event or a show celebrity always come in fashion and style and one of the most common thing that female celebrity has is their obsession with designer handbag they are two obsess with bag that can cost you lot to have. Many people wondering why are this bag expensive? is it the style? or maybe the texture and materials that is being used for this bag? the answer is the quality and elegance of each designer handbag brings to a person when she carries it.
Each of the following designer handbag have become famous because of their certain traits and trademarks. Balenciaga handbag have become famous because of its quality leather and finest materials, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, become a well known brand because of their fashionable and hip design Louis Vuitton known for the lv logo and they are also famous when it come to fashionable language, checkered design have become Burberry signature.

April 15, 2008

Britney Spears with her Versace Purse

Britney Spears Versace Purse, Versace Handbag,versace, Britney spears Oh, Britney. Leave it to you to make Versace look tacky. On its own, this white Versace Quilted Snap Out Of It bag is totally fierce, thanks to its unique quilted leather, glam buckles, and gold leather handles. But when paired with Britney’s tragic top, skin-tight jeans and boots, and drugstore extensions, it just falls flat. Can a judge award custody of all designer handbags to Kevin Federline too?

Christina Aguilera's Christian Louboutin Loubette purse

Christina Aguilera's Christian Louboutin Loubette purse, designer handbag We know how much Christina Aguilera loves her high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes, but it seems the songstress also loves Monsieur Louboutin’s handbags! Christina and her hubby, Jason, were spotted on a shopping trip for baby Max in LA the other day and Christina was looking uncharacteristically dressed down and covered up. Her jeans, tee and blazer combo was dressed up with the oh-so-cute Christian Louboutin Loubette purse, and punched up with Christina’s signature siren-red lipstick (also a close shade to Louboutin’s signature red sole!). I’ll admit, I expected the Loubette to look much more precious than it does but on Christina, it looks perfectly modern and cool.

April 7, 2008

Kooba Penelope Patent Clutch

Kooba Penelope Patent Clutch, Kooba handbag, KoobaKooba is becoming a bit of a cult brand. Hardcore Kooba girls have all of the classics (the Sienna, the Ginger), and now Kooba is coming up with seasonal bags like the rest of high end fashion. The Penelope Patent Clutch is a small purse you might take out at night. It fails to keep my interest, and while the removable chain is a nice touch, it also sort of looks like a handbag you could pick up at Forever 21 for far, far less than Kooba’s $295 asking price. The bag is grey patent and closes with a metal turnlock closure. A sleek vintage-inspired patent leather bag with removable chain link shoulder strap and topstitch details. This designer handbag is one of the hottest and latest handbag from kooba style elegance and fashionable hip and trendy.