January 24, 2008

Prada handbag

Prada handbags can well be described as portable masterpieces that you can carry around on your shoulder or arm. These bags never fail to deliver a fashion statement and have been celebrated for years as the best handbag around.

Prada was established way back in 1913 in Italy by Mario Prada. The company Fratelli Prada, Italian for Prada Brothers, started designing and creating their range of leather goods and handbags and before long Prada became a fashion brand to reckon with and soon captured the imagination of people in Europe and America as well.

Now that you know a little bit about Prada bags and their history, you probably would want to know if a Prada bag is a must-have for you. To be honest, Prada bags, although beautifully designed with unmatched levels of fit and finish, are not for every trendy woman and are more a matter of taste. A typical Prada handbag is usually made of materials like deerskin, leather, calfskin and fox fur trim whereas the strap hooks, buckles and clasps are generally made of silver or gold.

Just like the wide assortment of materials used, Prada bag designs are also equally varied and range from the basic designs such as gathers, pleats and drawstrings to the more high-end designs with antiqued finishes, complementary stitching and other details that bring out the true beauty of craftsmanship that goes behind creating a genuine Prada.

However, as varied as the styles maybe, all Prada bags have certain unique features that gives them their identity. And it is perhaps this quality that makes Prada Handbags NOT suitable for some while making them fashion must-haves for others.

Besides this, Prada bags come in a plethora of signature colors such as champagne, camel, pewter, black, natural canvas and white. Occasionally, Prada also comes out with delightfully distinctive prints like animal patterns as well brighter colors for seasonal ranges.

January 23, 2008

Gucci handbag

gucci handbag, gucci, designer handbagWhat more can you ask for if you have a Gucci handbag, Style comfort and elegance this are the words to describe gucci handbags. Even if this handbag can cost you much it is still a must have item for you because of its quality that you can't find to any other handbag brand.

This leather handbag looks trendy and fashionable because of its unique look that is rare to find in any other handbag, With its stylish and elegant look i am sure that you will fall in love with this handbag perfect for your every day use.

Handbags are the number one accessory women will invest in because it is something they use on a daily basis to store and carry around their most valuable belongings such as the money purse, cosmetic bag and medications. Designer handbags are on top of every woman's list and as soon as they spot the one they want they will save for as long as it takes to make the in order to get the handbag. Gucci is world renown for its unique and outstanding designs but also for the exceptional quality it guarantees with every item it manufacturers. Women from around the world invest in Gucci products because they offer eternal styles which never die and also because they can rely on them to last them for as long as they want to use them and always look like new.

January 20, 2008

Louis Vuitton handbag collection

When it comes to designer handbag louis vuitton is the most famous brand. This bag have been known for ages because of its stylish look and elegant style. This luxurious luggage is one of the well known brand around the world. This luggage is just one of the many luggage and designer handbag created by louis vuitton.

Balenciaga handbag collection

Balenciaga spicy red handbag is the hottest and coolest handbag
in the market today with its stylish look and elegant style i am sure that having this handbag is every womans dream. This Designer handbag is made from the finest leather and design by the famous designer Cristobal Balenciaga, Cristobal Balenciaga became famous is designing quality and stylish leather handbags.

Balenciaga Brown leather Handbag is one of the coolest handbag in the market today.Made from the finest leather and stylish material this designer hanbag is rare and one of a kind design by Balenciaga collection. with its classy look women are crazy about this leather handbag.

January 7, 2008

lindsay lohan bags by Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is the hottest and hip designer. Rebecca Minkoff handbags has a fresh designs logo free and made beautifully for the expense of girls of Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan love to carries this handbag and a lot of well known people in Hollywood loves this new handbag designer by Rebecca Minkoff.

January 2, 2008

Reece Witherspoon Handbag

Celebrity handbags are used to carry their personal needs and necessities Have you ever wonder what is the hottest or the coolest handbag today in the market? most celebrities used Balenciaga handbags which are known for its elegance and coolest style that will sure make a statement every time you carry this bag.

Balenciaga handbags are known for its quality that will last for a long time with the luxury of having a stylish looks and elegant style this handbag become famous around the world. Due to the high demands of Balenciaga handbags many counterfeiter arrive every now and then. These duplicates are not considered to be durable or high quality. The Balenciaga handbags are known for their quality and styles which would lasts for future years. Even the oldest Balenciaga handbags used years back are considered as the latest and trendy fashions as a nostalgic piece of art. It is pretty difficult to figure out between the original and duplicate Balenciaga handbags. But while using them the person could easily figure out which is the fake variety simply because the fake Balenciaga wont last for a long time, Unlike in original Balenciga handbags you can use this bag year after year after year.