June 23, 2008

Sandra Bullock’s Prada purse

I don’t know what I’m more envious of: the fact that Sandra Bullock’s new on-screen love interest is Ryan Reynolds, or that she gets to carry this gorgeous tan Prada purse during filming. Okay, it’s the handbag. The sophisticated but fresh purse is a nice compliment to the sleek black suit Sandra wore for the filming of “The Proposal,” and sports luxe details like buckled straps and beautiful topstitching. Unfortunately for Sandra, it’s just a loaner…as is Ryan. But what ever is the case i really love her Prada Designer handbag it is really stylish and elegant looking.

June 17, 2008

Jessica Simpson’s Dolce & Gabbana Patchwork Clutch

I guess Jessica Simpson got bored of pimping out her own line of purses, and decided to find a brand-new bag. Entrez the Dolce & Gabbana Patchwork Snakeskin Clutch, a multicolored masterpiece boasting python leather in every pigment. I like the contrast of the richly hued, almost autumnal purse against Jessica’s yellow California beach babe sundress, and it definitely gives this mainstream pop tart some high fashion edge. The clutch is a bit large for my tastes (what’s she got in there, a ferret), but overall I’m a fan of this look.
This is one of the best Designer handbag ever been created by Dolce and Gabbana Because it is so fashionable and trendy that will make you crave for a Dulce and Gabbana handbag.

June 13, 2008

Hilary Duff's Fendi Spy bags

Oh those Fendi Spy bags are still a sight, aren’t they? I know they aren’t the most sought after bag anymore, but that pebbled leather still screams luxury from miles away. Hilary Duff obviously puts hers to good use, as she seems to be carrying it from swimming or a fierce session at the gym. It may not be the most fashionable look, but that bag sure is. How do you feel about the Spy? Over-and-out or classic staple? This brown and nice FEndi handbag is always been my favorite because of its unique style and design that really separates this bag from the rest. A certified designer handbag

June 6, 2008

Ashlee Simpson’s Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Purse

Looks like Ashlee Simpson wisely did her bridal registry at Louis Vuitton (hey - a Speedy is waaaaaaay more crucial than a Crock-Pot and egg cups in my book). The new Mrs. Pete Wentz was spied out and about carrying a funky Louis Vuitton purse from the label’s collaboration with artist Richard Prince. The collection, inspired by Prince’s “Jokes” series, features distressed, faded leather and embossed text over the standard LV monogram, with fun touches like orange python. While I love a classic Louis Vuitton handbag, I dig the quirky, modern update. It also suits Ashlee’s hipster chick style…but is that a baby bump she’s trying to hide?

June 2, 2008

Lacoste Summer Terry Beach Bag

Well as you have all noticed this is the first time i featured a lacoste bag here at designers-handbag blog but i just cant help my self but to show to you this lacoste bag, who doesn’t love a nice crocodile bag? And this Lacoste Summer Terry Beach Bag is quite literally a nice crocodile bag - though probably not the luxury reptilian kind you had in mind. Sure, the croc logo is playful and kitschy, but sometimes you’ve just got to stop taking yourself so darn seriously. And the yellow and white striped terrycloth with webbed straps is a mood-enhancing, sunny choice for the beach. It just makes me want to throw on a bikini and cannonball into the pool. Hey, fashion is meant to be fun, right? This designer handbag by Lacoste is one of the trendiest and stylish summer bag from Lacoste. This bag is the finest that i have seen because of its color combination that matches the summer season i just cant wait to parade this bag to the beach and be the envy of every women for having this Lacoste Summer Terry Beach Bag