July 30, 2008

Reese Witherspoon’s Jamin Puech Purse

Want to know what is the latest news about Reese Witherspoon? We all know that she has a Hot career, hot man and most probably a hot purse. Reese Witherspoon seems to have it all specially having this white Jamin Puech purse.In addition to perfectly complementing her cool summer nautical look the handbag, with its braided leather and brown trim details, feels fresh and fashionable, yet still works for everyday. This bag of Reese is one of my favorite designer handbag that i always wanted to buy and i really envy her for a having a real and fashionable designer handbag like this. I do wish that i could also have this luxurious casual handbag that will also make me feel look good and fashionable just like Reese Witherspoon.

July 28, 2008

Julia Roberts Hermes Birkin purses

In “Steel Magnolias,” the wedding colors of Julia Roberts‘ character were “blush and bashful.” But in real life, she’s a much bigger fan of…blush and…jack-o-lantern? True, orange is the signature Hermes color, but there’s a difference between admiring that classic orange box and pairing a Sunny D-hued Birkin with not just a pink cardy but a floral peasant skirt to boot. (Somewhere an assistant is waving smelling salts under Victoria Beckham’s nostrils.) Posh it’s not, but I suppose Julia has better things to do than worry about clashing colors and structured purses with unstructured outfits. Me, I would have saved the orange-you-glad-it’s-Hermes bag for some high-class Halloween trick or treating. this would be a nice and fashionable designer handbag created by Hermes birkin and it has a unique color that is irresistibly beautiful and fashionable.
Most celebrity like hermes birkin but julia roberts is the only star that make this designer handbag her signature brand.

July 22, 2008

Salma Hayek with her Balenciaga

Selma Hayek is hotter than ever! here is her photo together with her baby and Yes, that is a baby behind those pixelated blocks (British pubs take a refreshingly anti-kiddo celebrity stance). And yes, it totally looks like the silver fox behind Salma Hayek is about to make off with her gorgeous Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle Purse. While the Motorcycle has been seen on every starlet from Fifth Avenue to Robinson Boulevard, it’s been a while since I spied someone with the croc version. Taking in the stunning beauty of this blue croc version, I wonder why. The crocodile adds a luxurious, unique-looking edge to the now iconic handbag, and I love how the blue offsets Salma’s simple neutral ensemble. But zip that thing up, sweetheart!

July 16, 2008

Marc Jacobs Coco Tote

I love the smooth, pebbled leather and the glistening little resin studs detailing the front and back of this Marc Jacobs Coco Tote. It’s the antithesis of the typical autumn color palette, but it’s still got a traditionally warm vibe that makes it great to carry as the weather begins to cool down. It may be a bit too early to start thinking about that now, but the upcoming season’s collections have me thinking wine, burgundy, chocolate and cream already. This bag stands out in a rich charcoal shade that glistens slightly. The resin chain link strap is enduringly tough, enough to balance all that volume you’re sure to carry. Verdict? Smart, structured, attractive but ultimately not the purse I’m buying to see me through the season. Marc Jacobs have become one of my favorite for the fast couple of years and who would blame me with this kind of looks style i am sure that everyone will fall in love with the creative works of marc jacobs a certified designer handbag.

July 8, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's snakeskin handbag by D&G

Lindsay Lohan certainly has a hankering for snakeskin lately. First it was Pauric Sweeney’spython purses now, it’s this bold and beautiful multicolored snakeskin handbag from Dolce & Gabbana. Essentially the handbag equivalent of Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat, this vibrant purse impresses me more than the small tiles of the label’s similar patchwork bags. It’s splashier, edgier, and less restrained (kind of like Lindsay). And hey, it’s summer - why not wear rainbow-hued snakeskin? Lindsay Lohan have become the signature carrier of a snake skin handbag she loves carrying different snakes skin design handbag and her latest snake skin handbag is this Dolce and Gabbana rainbow color handbag that is so stylish and elegant looking that really make her more stylish and elegant because of her beautiful handbag.

July 3, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Birkin purse

Have Birkin, will travel! New parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony surfaced in Milan accompanied by a very prominent brown crocodile Hermes Birkin purse. As striking and sophisticated as the handbag is, I’m not won over by the odd color combination going on with the brown Birkin and the olive-meets-Dijon green dress Jennifer is rocking. Perhaps a black leather model would have been more appropriate? But of course a Hermes birkin purse is a Hermes Birkin purse it is always been stylish and elegant looking with a unique and classy style that is un matchable by other designer handbag that handbag of Jennifer lopez is still the most fashionable bag that i have seen.

July 1, 2008

Beyonce Chanel tote

Beyonce shops at American Apparel like the rest of us…only she does it with the super new Chanel tote. I don’t even know what the name of this bag is (I would be a Chanel girl if I had the bank account for it), but I know it is new because I remember seeing it in Elle a month or two ago. I’m curious to see what Beyonce bought at Am Ap…but on to the bag! Formal ID please!

Rihanna's Louis Vuitton Mahina

What a change from the other night! Rihanna is intent on setting a trend for herself with her black dominatrix-inspired performing outfits. While… interesting… I much prefer her in outfits like this one. They’re more light hearted and bright, much like Rihanna’s personality and smile. Here, she opts for a miniskirt and form fitting tank in a color that compliments her skin. To top if off, she casually tosses a Louis Vuitton Mahina handbag over her shoulder. This Vuitton line is rendered in a soft calf skin with subtle logo perforations and available in a few different colors. Expect Rihanna’s style to run you about $3,250. Call Louis Vuitton for more information.