February 24, 2008

Louis Vuitton has won a lawsuit that alleged a Britney Spears music video violated counterfeiting laws by showcasing a pink Vuitton-upholstered dashboard.

A Paris civil court ordered Sony BMG and MTV Online to stop broadcasting or marketing the video for "Do Something" in any form and fined them 80,000 euros ($117,000) apiece, a spokeswoman for Paris-based Louis Vuitton said Monday. The ruling was handed down last week.

In the opening scenes of the video, Spears appears in the driver's seat of a hot pink Hummer floating on make-believe clouds. One shot shows fingers drumming on a dashboard covered with what looks like Vuitton's "Cherry Blossoms" design: dark pink blossoms on a pale pink, weblike background, embossed with the "LV" logo.

The court did not find Spears herself guilty but ruled that Sony BMG and MTV Online were guilty of violating counterfeiting laws. The ruling said the video constituted an "attack" on Louis Vuitton's brands and its luxury image, the spokeswoman said.

It was not immediately clear how the ban would be enforced, or whether the companies would appeal.

MTV declined to comment on the ruling. Sony BMG did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

February 17, 2008

Valentino Blossom Rose Bag

Adding famine touch is the latest trend this spring not only in clothing but in accessories as well. In order to obtain a feminine touch need extreme fashion and style. Soft hues, light fabrics, floral prints, were spotted walking the runway giving us all that perfect sense of beauty. Valentino already attempted to convey a feminine touch paired with the floral theme in the Valentino Rossette Tote which turned out to be a complete disaster. I wish Valentino would have stuck to a more simple design that really portrays the feminine side while appearing whimsical and elegant. The Valentino Blossom Rose Bag is the perfect example of subtle touches of a floral design on a light leather looking classic and sophisticated. My only real qualm with this handbag is the gold snake skin trim on the handles. It looks a little cheap and really kills this bag being a 100% divine hit for me. I would have preferred tonal leather handles. The eye catcher, the front pleated into a rosette, really is alluring. While this bag is available in black, it does not showcase the rosette as well, so I would definitely opt for pink. This designer handbag is one of the finest and feminist handbag in the market today having a unique style and elegant look that will make your feminine side
come alive.

February 11, 2008

First ever ads of Louis Vuitton

Here is the first ever commercial ads Louis Vuitton hope you like it

Why is it wise to buy authentic designer handbag

There are some that buy authentic designer handbags because of the value and the durability. The quality of these bags is definitely reflected in the price. There are even some that have been so popular that they have had a waiting list. So many wanted them, but there were just not enough to go around. This happens in electronics quite a bit, but apparently it happens with handbags as well. Though for me, a purse is a purse no matter who makes it, some have a more emotional attachment to having something with a brand name designer attached to it.

When it is hard to find authentic designer handbags, some will be knock offs. These are actually illegal, but that doesn’t stop people from buying or making them. The problem with these is that there is usually something wrong with it, though it might not be immediately visible. They are usually cheaply made, and as they are a copy that is not legal to sell, they don’t put too much into them. Though many are very good, there is always something on the handbag that gives away its knockoff status.

When searching for authentic designer handbags, watch for the price. You can find them in the stores, and when you find them there you know they are the real thing. However, use caution when shopping on eBay, as there are some that might sell knockoffs as the real thing. Pay attention to the price, and find out what the authentic designer handbags normally go for in the store. If the price is far below that, you may be looking at a copy. The real ones are out there, and you can sometimes get a deal, but just be wary of being ripped off. If in doubt, find a website with a good reputation so you know you are getting the real thing, and you aren’t wasting your money.

February 10, 2008

Prada Fairy Handbag

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In Milan in September, the Prada runway show was a buzz with Miuccia filling the runway with silk-printed tunics, cropped flared trousers, and nymph and fairy prints. The backdrop looked as if it was from a girls imagination of doodles and drawings while daydreaming. Miuccia's focus was "about trying to find a new creativity." The fairy print is the iconic print for the Spring season and is seen on their handbags, clothing, and even their shoe boxes. The handbag that has our forum buzzing is the Prada Fairy Bag. The Prada Fairies Bag is available in two sizes and is said to be a limited edition. How limited is yet to be known, but Prada is staying that the boutiques will receive a limited number of the bags and pre-orders are not an option. The smaller version retails for $2290 and the larger for $2490. Call your local Prada boutique to inquire and be put on the wait list.

After showing you two horrible prints/patterns on handbags for Spring, I am ending your week with an absolutely stunning piece. This Prada Bag is majestic and enchanting. The deerskin leather is said to have a slight sparkle to it. This bag is absolutely gorgeous, just takes my breath away!